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Spa Source facial bed for sale: Get Your Facial Bed and Exam Table From THE SOURCE!

A quality exam table or facial bed are key to any successful medical spa or salon business. These pieces are the focal point of your business, so it’s important to only have a high quality exam table and facial bed that you can trust to help your clients feel at ease and also safe. At Spa Source, we offer comfortable, quality facial beds and exam tables in a variety of colors, sizes, and features to meet all your needs. The best customer care starts with quality exam tables and facial beds.

Work confidently with facial bed and exam table options from Spa Source.

Exam Tables To Take Your Medical Practice To The Next Level

Competition in the health and wellness industry is fierce. That’s why you need cutting edge equipment, and that means not cutting corners. You want your customers to be able to instantly relax, and that starts with what they are laying on. At Spa Source, our exam tables and facial beds can be used to offer a number of care services, so you aren’t confined to only providing a limited amount of services to your clients. The right exam chair or facial bed will help you to compete. Pricing options cover a wide range, making high-quality facial beds and treatment tables affordable for any price range or budget. When you offer the best of the best in exam tables and facial beds, you’ll automatically elevate your business and treatment offerings.

Quality Facial Beds for Sale - All Your Medical Spa and Salon Furniture Needs

Whether you are specializing in facials or Botox treatments, or the care your customers receive extends well beyond your skill level. In fact, before you even start a treatment, your customers will judge their experience immediately by the comfort-level of your facial beds and examination table. No one wants to pay for a treatment only to be left with an aching neck and back from a less than ideal facial bed and exam table. This is why it is critical for you to have the finest possible spa equipment in your salon and spa. After all, to be successful in this industry you need quality spa equipment. Choosing the highest quality spa equipment is a must if you want to retain business (and not to mention, to stay in business).

Our exam table and facial bed options are perfect for:

  • Facials

  • Skin treatments

  • Velashape

  • Botox injections

  • Any other Injections

  • Microdermabrasion treatments

  • Spa waxing

  • Aromatherapy

  • Detox therapy

  • Hydrating skin therapy

  • Medi-spa treatments

  • Laser hair removal

  • Body wraps and body polish

  • Medical usage such as IV treatments and other medical drips

  • Permanent makeup applications

  • Acupuncture

  • Cellulite therapy

  • Dental treatments

To service such a large variety of potential treatments, it is crucial for your spa equipment to have the ability to be easily adjusted. That way the services you provide are seamless during a treatment session, rather than giving you trouble and causing a hiccup in the flow of a client session.

Easy Table Adjustment for Comfort and Ease

With the spa equipment and the exam tables that we provide at Spa Source, you can easily control the height, backrest, seat incline, footrest, and on many of our models the trendelenburg tilt. This makes for a very simple, quick, straightforward way to keep you clients comfortable during their appointment. Most of our facial beds can sit at a 90-degree angle or lay completely flat, making it easy to do your work. Footswitches allow you to control everything with your foot so that you can continue to be hands-free. This easy adjustment not only works well for your client’s enjoyment during their exam or treatment, but it also enables you as the practitioner to have the necessary view you might need for that specific treatment.

Easy adjustment means you get to focus on what’s most important for you: your client’s satisfaction.

Why Buy Examination Tables (exam table) From Spa Source?

Highly-Customizable: Exam tables from Spa Source are perfect for your facial exams and spa needs. The facial beds we offer are highly-customizable, enabling you to cater to the specific needs of each individual client. All your needs are easily met with our exam tables and facial beds, helping your clients to feel right at home. Reversible armrests, head, and footrests can be removed or extended. Our headrests also come with removable cushions that reveal a facial hole.

Work Confidently: Premium examination tables provide stability so you can work confidently, knowing you can trust the products you are using on your clients.

Range of Styles and Designs: We offer multiple styles and designs of facial bed and exam tables that will fit any office space aesthetic. This includes minimalistic designs and soft rounded edges that automatically produce a soothing environment.

Ultimate Comfort: Our exam table offerings contain plenty of cushioning to keep the surfaces soft, while still creating a feeling of stability.

Weight Capacity: Most of our tables can be loaded up to 450 lbs, holding practically all body sizes and therefore able to accomodate practically every potential client.

Whisper-Quiet Motors: Whisper-quiet motors enable your clients to have a soothing, peaceful, experience without the uncomfortable noise of motors in the background while you work.

High-Quality Spa Equipment: When other spa equipment companies try to sell you cheap, low-quality exam tables and facial beds, what they are really selling you is a failing business. We don’t believe in selling you products that are going to fail. We only believe in offering you the best tables possible so that you can have a successful business. And that means providing you with high-quality options.

Our Priority is You: At Spa Source, our priority is you. We believe in your business and want to see you succeed. That is why we offer the best and most up-to-date products available in the spa and salon market, helping you to offer nothing short of the leading quality care and services to your customers.

Safety: When a client lays down on one of your massage tables, the last thing you want to be thinking about is if the chair is going to collapse. Or that a chair will not be able to adjust. It’s not only embarrassing to you when a product fails, but it is a sure way to lose that client and their business. With Spa Source exam tables and facial beds, you can focus on what is important: The work you are providing the client. The rest will follow itself with these products.

Choose the Best Exam Table with Spa Source

We have been in the business of helping medical spas and salons grow and succeed since 2005. We understand the importance of providing you with high-quality products such as exam tables, facial beds, and other spa equipment related to the beauty and wellness and healthcare industries. Which is probably why our customers keep coming back for products. At Spa Source, we pride ourselves in making all our customers happy. You will not find a single negative review about us (and we plan to keep it that way).

Regardless if you are just starting out with your business or if you have been around for years, we are your one-stop-shop for all premium equipment. We know you work hard to grow your clientbase and we don’t believe in offering you equipment that breaks within weeks, months or even years. All of our products are long-lasting, durable and guaranteed to satisfy you and your customers.

With exam tables and facial beds from Spa Source, you can work confidently knowing your customers are feeling right at home and are getting exactly what they wanted: Quality care, comfort and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, each of our spa chairs and facial beds for sale reclines completely flat. For optimal comfort and function, each model is designed to lower from an almost 90-degree angle to flat. Ask us how our full-range motion facial beds make a difference in customer satisfaction and employee comfort.

Spa Source offers multiple electric facial beds that rotate. Top-of-the-line bed models, including the KLYNE and PEDALI, rotate up to 270 degrees for maximum convenience. With a Spa Source hydraulic facial table, the client and provider both receive an elevated experience.

Spa Source facial beds are durable and will accept most cleaners, aside from bleach-based products. Alcohol-based cleaners such as “Cavi Wipes” are fine to use on your facial massage bed, allowing you to sanitize and maintain the equipment with a wide range of cleaners.

Spa Source offers a one-year warranty on the frame and the main structure of all of our premium facial beds. For any questions regarding our facial bed warranty, price match guarantee, or return policy, contact an expert here.

Some of the facial beds for sale at Spa Source LLC have the remote control included in the price, however, the remote is sold separately for many of our models. See high-quality and convenient facial bed accessories here.

Spa Source Hydraulic facial beds are made to last between ten and fifteen years, however, many of our clients come in after only 5-7 years for the latest upgrades. We have numerous customers that see the value in keeping up with the most comfortable, convenient chairs on the market to give customers a plush surface and grant providers the best tool for the job.

Knowing which type of exam table to buy can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want to make sure the table has plenty of cushion for your customers, while also being comfortable enough for clients of all ages, sizes and abilities. You also want to make sure the dimensions of your exam table and facial bed can reasonably fit into your office space. Because “relaxing” is the last thing a cramped spa room feels like when the exam bed is consuming the entire space. There are always other factors to consider as well, which the Spa Source Customer Service team is more than happy to assist with during your online shopping experience.

The spa equipment we offer is considered the absolute best in the industry and raises the bar for all other products on the market. You don’t need to ever worry about the quality of the equipment. There is value in getting to focus your attention on your treatments and services rather than spending your time questioning past purchases.

Yes, having been in the medical spa and salon industry for almost two decades, we know exactly what spa practitioners need to provide top-quality care to customers. When you contact us with questions, we can help you decide which examination table and facial bed will work best for your specific needs.

At Spa Source, our customer service process is simple: You reach out, we respond. You are always guaranteed to be able to reach a member of our experienced Customer Service team. Have a question? You can reach us via a phone call, our online chat or our general inquiry form. We work through 100% of any questions you have until you receive the answers you need. Again, helping your business succeed is our main goal.

Just like how we hold our facial beds and exam tables to the highest possible standards, the same goes for our Customer Service team. If you have any questions about your purchase or just questions in general about our products, you can always contact us via a phone call, our online chat or general inquiry form for any help you might need.

Recklessly low-priced tables are only bad news for your business. More importantly, the material used for the frame more often than not is very cheap, practically guaranteeing that they will need to be replaced frequently. In the end, you will end up spending more by having to purchase multiple products over a very short period of time.

Our Price Guarantee policy means that you are guaranteed to get the best price. This simple policy means that if the item you want to purchase is listed on another site for a lower price, we will match that price.

Yes. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. That’s why our tables and facial beds come with a one year warranty.