Relationship Between Chiropractic Tables and Adjustment Techniques

Relationship Between Chiropractic Tables and Adjustment Techniques

Mar 21st 2024

Chiropractors use a wide variety of techniques to adjust patients, and certain techniques require specialized tables. It is not uncommon for a chiropractic clinic to have a number of different tables available, which allows them to best serve a variety of patients with different needs.

Listed below are some of the most popular tables and techniques used by chiropractors today.

Drop Tables and Techniques

The drop table was one of chiropractic's greatest advances: not only does it provide even more effective adjustments for patients, but it does so by placing less strain on the provider. Chiropractors have a physically demanding job and can be subject to strains and injuries themselves. Drop tables allow them to use the force created by a dropping motion more than relying on their own physical force.

These tables are typically divided into segments to target different areas of the spine and will also include a facial cutout. A segment of the table is raised and then pushed or "popped" back into place when the chiropractor performs the adjustment.

Flexion Distraction Tables and Techniques

One reason chiropractors sometimes opt for flexion distraction is that it does not rely on weight-bearing pressure, so it may be appropriate for certain patients with physical limitations or who are recovering from an injury.

A flexion distraction table is designed with components that stretch in and out, offering a gentle and effective way to stretch the spine.

Roller Tables and Techniques

While we tend to think of patients lying face down for adjustments on their spines, they actually face up on a roller table. This type of table has rolling segments underneath that move along the length of the spine. This gentle technique is another way chiropractors may provide a patient relief without weight-bearing force.

The rolling technique can boost fluid movement around joints, which will then result in an improved range of motion for a patient. This type of table might be used on its own or in combination with some of the others listed here.

Decompression Tables and Techniques

The decompression table is perhaps one of the more intimidating for patients, but it can be incredibly effective. With this technique, a chiropractor will use ankle locks to strap the patient in before tilting them to a 60-degree angle.

This angle will help in getting the spinal fluid moving, and it can provide relief for those with herniated discs and other issues.

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