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Quality spa equipment is the difference between a great customer experience and a not so great one. At Spa Source, we procure only the best spa equipment. As a one-stop-shop Source for all your esthetics equipment needs, we offer reliable, high-quality, professional-grade spa equipment wholesale supplies.

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Spend less time shopping around with the selection of our top salon spa equipment offerings. Not to mention, all that time searching around in stores and online could be spent making a profit. Save yourself from the hassle of looking through multiple websites in search of the perfect spa equipment. Our large selection of ideal salon and spa equipment offerings enables you to spend more time working with customers and less time on the computer in search of products that meet your expectations. With Spa Source, the search for the perfect spa equipment ends here.

SPA SOURCE - ELEGANTE - Facial Bed Chair Table

Exam Tables & Facial Beds

We offer a variety of electric powered exam chairs and facial beds to choose from, with varying sizes and functions. All the exam chairs and spa facial supplies we offer are suitable for a range of treatments, giving you the option of expanding your services rather than limiting what you can provide customers. And even better, we offer a variety of pricing options. These medical spa equipment and spa facial products really pay for themselves, since your customers are guaranteed to instantly relax once they lay down in one.

Image Derm - Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine System

Microdermabrasion Equipment

We also sell and service medical-grade microdermabrasion machines and aesthetician grade microdermabrasion equipment for all skin-care professionals. The types of microdermabrasion equipment we offer can really be described in three words: Powerful, reliable and durable. This refined salon spa equipment gives consistent peels to your clients. They are non-surgical, medical-grade spa, that can provide skin renewal through a crystal-free diamond peel. They are also medical spa supplies and made with stainless steel. To top everything off, this esthetician machine is whisper-quiet. So rather than your customers having to listen to a loud machine as background noise, you get to keep your relaxing environment just that: relaxing.

SPA SOURCE - VENO Wooden Electric, Ultra Plush Bed for Facial and Massage

Quality Spa Massage Table

The best spa beds on the spa equip esthetic tables market are right here. And truly, they can’t be beaten. With these quality spa massage tables, you can control the height and headrest. The electric motors make for easy adjustment. Their versatile designs keep your day spa equipment and medical spa looking professional and organized.

Designer Stool

Spa Stools & Spa Chairs

When you think of a good salon spa stool back support and chair, you think of comfort, quality and easy adjustment. Because after all, with any quality facial stool and medical spa equipment, you want to be able to raise the height easily and quickly. These provider stools and provider chairs do just that. With the hydraulic stools, you can raise your height and get comfortable no matter your leg length. Not to mention, they all provide the highest degree of safety and comfort for your customers. Time to get comfy.

Jubeli Backwash SHAMPOO UNIT Bowl - WHITE

Salon Backwash Chairs

These backwash chairs are top-of-the-line for your hair wash, shampooing, and scalp services. Their modern, sleek designs will take your salon up a notch. Each beauty spa supplies fits naturally into any salon without calling attention, complementing the quiet and soothing feel of your salon spa.

Bed Cover Fitted Terry

Disposables Supplies

From disposable bed sheets to drape sheets, perforated cover rolls, and spa table headrest covers, our disposables spa beauty supplies collection ties all your skin care equipment wholesale together. Providing a seamless and clean experience for your customers.

Why Buy Equipment From Spa Source LLC?


We want your business to succeed. How do we do that? By providing you with the best possible quality salon spa equipment on the market. Period. Running a spa business isn’t easy, and the last thing you need is cheap, plastic equipment failing on you and causing you even more money. We don’t believe in compromising our esthetic equipment, so you can trust that we are selling the highest-quality wholesale spa supplies possible.

Spa Equipment

Don’t let cheap, low-quality spa equipment ruin your business and hold you back. We recognize you’ll be putting your most important asset (your clients) on your equipment. We learned early something other equipment providers still do not realize or practice: The importance of purchasing top quality chairs, massage tables, microdermabrasion tools, and other skin care equipment wholesale.

Spa Equipment

Cheap product only results in one thing: Cheap profit. Have you ever walked into a salon and immediately felt...stale? That’s because their equipment was a piece of off-shoot and low-grade equipment. The feel is immediate and your clients will notice the difference between the right products versus shortcuts. That is why we provide only the best products for your spa.

Spa Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions


Starting a medical spa, or an esthetician business or even getting spa equipment as an aesthetician is not always easy. The same goes for keeping your spa and salon offerings up-to-date. But knowing where to go to get your spa equipment makes it a whole lot easier. That’s why at Spa Source LLC we offer all the potential spa equipment you might need, making everything easy to navigate and find. Have specific questions regarding your spa and salon furniture? You can always contact our Customer Service team to help you.

Yes, our spa equipment is perfect for all your spa equipment and salon furniture business needs. Whether you are just getting started in the spa industry or have been in the medical spa equipment, or a seasoned esthetician for years, our spa equipment lasts and gets the job done for both you and your customers.

You will always get one of our knowledgeable Customer Service team members on the phone. And unlike other companies, we don’t just disappear after we sell your spa equipment. You’ll be able to reach us even after the sale. After all, we are founded on repeat business. We work through any potential issue until it is 100% resolved and you are completely satisfied.

Just like our spa equipment, our Customer Service team is unparalleled. We offer a few ways to contact us so that you can rest assured knowing you will always be able to reach us. Our Live Chat is available throughout the day, providing answers to your questions instantly. Our Customer Service extends beyond specific orders - Need help deciding which equipment is the best fit for you? Our expert team can help with that, too. You can also call us or send a general message to get the help you need.

$2-4K for Large Size Equipments (like Facial Beds for med spas or salon spas) and $200-$450 for Smaller Equipments for med spa or salon spas

Exam Chairs, Trolley carts, Technician Stools, Towel warmers, Exam Chair Bedding Supplies, Magnifying Lamps salon spa, med spa or general spa equipment

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Spa Equipment From The Source

There’s a reason every customer keeps coming back to Spa Source: At Spa Source, you will not find a single negative review about us and we plan to keep it that way.

Our first spa equipment company was founded in 2005, so we know a thing or two about the importance of providing you with high-quality equipment. We also know it’s important to only offer you with the most updated spa equipment on the market so you can continue offering your customers the best service possible. Our team of professionals is guaranteed to help you find the top medical spa equipment, salon furniture, and aesthetic equipment for your new or existing business. We cater to MD’s, RN’s, massage therapists, as well as cosmetology schools.

Whether you are just getting your day spa up-and-running or simply looking for a new facial bed or spa equipment, our extensive selection makes this the place for all your spa equipment and salon furniture needs. Because really, there is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on new spa equipment, only to have it break during a session with a client. With Spa Source LLC, you get to purchase our products worry-free, knowing that all our salon spa equipment is the highest quality.

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