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Finding the right facial treatment bed to serve your clientele is one of the most vital aspects of your business. Do a quick search as to what's available on the market and you'll find a multitude of options from which to choose, each presenting you with a range of features.

However, there are some basics that should never be overlooked when deciding on a power-operated facial bed that will best fit the clientele you plan to welcome through your doors. The following are some of the most critical factors to keep in mind before you buy your next treatment chair or facial bed:

What Width Should a Facial Bed Be?

First and foremost, the size of your treatment table should always be determined by the amount of space you have at your disposal. A cramped workspace doesn't do the client or the esthetician any good, so the size of your new treatment chair must be subordinate to the square footage of the room in which it will be placed.

Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the measurements to consider as you begin to calculate how much you want to spend on your new purchase of a quality facial bed.

Facial Bed Width

There are two important factors that go into the best width of a facial bed. Most treatment tables are available in a range of widths from 23 to 26 inches wide (without the armrests). The prevailing notion is that a wider bed is naturally more comfortable and accommodating of the client. On the other hand, a facial bed that has too much width can put undue stress and strain on the back and legs of the esthetician working with that client. This can result in pain, discomfort, even potential injury to your employee.

Once you start to do some research into the types of facial beds available, you're bound to find a happy medium between comfort and functionality.

Facial Bed Height

Most facial beds are manufactured for versatility in terms of height adjustment so as to accommodate a variety of different treatment services. While most facial beds will typically allow you to raise and lower the surface at a range within ten to twelve inches, the model you decide upon should take the esthetician's professional input into consideration.

Facial Bed Length

This is another measurement of the bed that you may want to be adjustable in order to accommodate as wide a range of clients as possible. You can find facial beds that stretch and contract at a range of seven inches. That can be done if your new facial bed has the very popular “foot rest” extension, which most Spa Source brand exam chairs do! Most beds are manufactured at an average length of 5'9” with extensions that can allow the bed to lengthen as long as 6'4”.

How Can I Make My New Facial Bed More Comfortable?

This equipment is designed to be comfortable as it fulfills a specific purpose. Clients want to feel pampered and relaxed during a facial, or injection. No one wants to be lying on a hard or unsteady surface during the session and go home with an aching back or not wanting to come back for a new visit.

Very few facial beds on the market today are built with a durable foam mattress on top. The foam in many of these facial bed models isn't thick as much as dense and it's the density that provides the comfort. But depending on the quality of the facial bed, that density may not last as long as you might hope or expect. So, do your homework before you move forward with purchasing your new facial bed. Also, keep in mind that wear and tear through repeated use can start to flatten the foam of the mattress and make it less comfortable as time goes on.

Don't despair, you can preserve and restore the comfort of your facial bed with these simple ideas:

Facial Bed Cover

If you're going to attach a cushion topper to the bed, you'll want to slip a cover over both to keep the topper from sliding out of place while giving the bed a tight and tidy aesthetic at the same time. With a cover on top, you avoid the need for readjusting or replacing the cushion topper after each session. These covers are very easy to use, you just pull it over the length of the bed and anchor down.

Ergonomic Facial Bed Headrest

An ergonomic facial bed headrest allows your client to rest and relax in luxury throughout the session. But it also helps the esthetician perform his or her duties by keeping the client's head in position. No need to readjust the client over and over again, the pillow gently cradles them in cool comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, each of our spa chairs and facial beds for sale reclines completely flat. For optimal comfort and function, each model is designed to lower from an almost 90-degree angle to flat. Ask us how our full-range motion facial beds make a difference in customer satisfaction and employee comfort.

Spa Source offers multiple electric facial beds that rotate. Top-of-the-line bed models, including the KLYNE and PEDALI, rotate up to 270 degrees for maximum convenience. With a Spa Source hydraulic facial table, the client and provider both receive an elevated experience.

Spa Source facial beds are durable and will accept most cleaners, aside from bleach-based products. Alcohol-based cleaners such as “Cavi Wipes” are fine to use on your facial massage bed, allowing you to sanitize and maintain the equipment with a wide range of cleaners.

Spa Source offers a one-year warranty on the frame and the main structure of all of our premium facial beds. For any questions regarding our facial bed warranty, price match guarantee, or return policy, contact an expert here.

Some of the facial beds for sale at Spa Source LLC have the remote control included in the price, however, the remote is sold separately for many of our models. See high-quality and convenient facial bed accessories here.

Spa Source Hydraulic facial beds are made to last between ten and fifteen years, however, many of our clients come in after only 5-7 years for the latest upgrades. We have numerous customers that see the value in keeping up with the most comfortable, convenient chairs on the market to give customers a plush surface and grant providers the best tool for the job.

Knowing which type of examination table to buy can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want to make sure the table has plenty of cushion for your customers, while also being comfortable enough for clients of all ages, sizes and abilities. You also want to make sure the dimensions of your facial bed can reasonably fit into your office space. Because “relaxing” is the last thing a cramped spa room feels like when the exam bed is consuming the entire space. There are always other factors to consider as well, which the Spa Source Customer Service team is more than happy to assist with during your online shopping experience.

The spa equipment we offer is considered the absolute best in the industry and raises the bar for all other products on the market. You don’t need to ever worry about the quality of the equipment. There is value in getting to focus your attention on your treatments and services rather than spending your time questioning past purchases.

Yes, having been in the medical spa and salon industry for almost two decades, we know exactly what spa practitioners need to provide top-quality care to customers. When you contact us with questions, we can help you decide which examination table and facial bed will work best for your specific needs.

At Spa Source, our customer service process is simple: You reach out, we respond. You are always guaranteed to be able to reach a member of our experienced Customer Service team. Have a question? You can reach us via a phone call, our online chat or our general inquiry form. We work through 100% of any questions you have until you receive the answers you need. Again, helping your business succeed is our main goal.

Just like how we hold our facial beds to the highest possible standards, the same goes for our Customer Service team. If you have any questions about your purchase or just questions in general about our products, you can always contact us via a phone call, our online chat or general inquiry form for any help you might need.

Recklessly low-priced tables are only bad news for your business. More importantly, the material used for the frame more often than not is very cheap, practically guaranteeing that they will need to be replaced frequently. In the end, you will end up spending more by having to purchase multiple products over a very short period of time.

Our Price Guarantee policy means that you are guaranteed to get the best price. This simple policy means that if the item you want to purchase is listed on another site for a lower price, we will match that price.

Yes. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. That’s why our tables and facial beds come with a one year warranty.