Drop Table vs Manual Adjustment

Drop Table vs Manual Adjustment

Oct 12th 2023

Drop Table vs Manual Adjustment

Drop tables are one of a chiropractor’s most invaluable tools in addressing spinal issues. While these tables were actually conceived by accident (more on that below), they have become a mainstay in chiropractic offices everywhere.

For those who are considering chiropractic care for the first time, there are often many questions to consider about treatment and practices.

One common question among new patients is, “What is the difference between drop tables and manual adjustments?” Read on to learn more about the drop table’s role in effective chiropractic adjustments.

What Is a Chiropractic Drop Table?

The CHIRO drop table began with Dr. Clay Thompson, a man who was himself “on the brink of death” before a series of chiropractic adjustments that altered the course of his life.

Thompson went on to study chiropractic medicine, and in his early days of treating patients, he used a rickety table with a headpiece that would not stay firmly in place, thanks to a loose screw jack.

Once he upgraded to a sturdier patient table, he realized the give from the old table was actually working in favor of his patients, and he set out to create a table that would maximize adjustments with segmented drops.

A drop table allows the chiropractor to lower a section of your spine quickly with a quick thrust, which creates not only a more effective adjustment but also one that is easier for both the patient and provider.

Chiropractic Drop Tables Versus Manual Adjustments

Drop tables offer significant benefits in chiropractic care and are often favored over manual adjustments, which rely solely on the chiropractor’s hands without the benefit of added gravitational force.

Drop tables are also an important component when it comes to varying treatment methods. Each patient has a unique set of concerns and challenges, and no one adjustment or technique is perfect for everyone. Chiropractic care is highly individualized, and the drop table offers ways to target specific areas and problems effectively.

When drop tables are used by chiropractic care providers in addition to manual adjustments, the benefits may include:

  • A gentle and pain-free way to make adjustments, especially for patients who are already experiencing significant pain
  • A less physically demanding technique for the provider
  • A more precise adjustment for a specific target area

Any adjustments experienced in a lying position rather than a standing one are going to be more comfortable and more effective as there is less pressure on the spine. The drop table means the patient is treated while lying down and also gives the provider a number of tools to adjust the give of the table when she finds subluxations or rotation in the spine.

While adjustments made using drop tables are often described as gentle and comfortable, this does not mean they are not powerful. The momentum from the drop combined with the mass of the patient and the force from the chiropractor results in an adjustment that is quick, targeted, and powerful.

Are Drop Table Adjustments Safe for Everyone?

Drop tables are popular not only for the benefits they provide but also because they are especially useful in treating patients with mobility issues. Because these tables are also designed to target specific areas, they generally reduce the risk of excess soreness after an adjustment.

Most people are candidates for drop table adjustments under the care of a trained and qualified chiropractor; however, if you are recovering from surgery, are pregnant, or have any serious health complication, you should always consult your primary healthcare provider before beginning any new chiropractic treatments.

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