Things to Consider When Buying a Decompression Table

Things to Consider When Buying a Decompression Table

May 30th 2024

Thousands of chiropractic offices offer spinal decompression as a service to patients plagued by back pain, whether they have been suffering for years with chronic pain or have had a recent bout of back pain after a fall or injury. Spinal decompression tables present a safe and gentle opportunity for patients to find relief without necessarily having to resort to surgery.

Typically, this procedure is reserved for candidates who:

  • Have bulging or herniated discs
  • Suffer from sciatica and other forms of back, neck, and/or leg pain
  • Have other injuries or diseases affecting the spine

What Is a Decompression Table?

A decompression table looks, at first glance, like other types of common chiropractic tables, as it has different segments or sections that can be manipulated. What is specific to the decompression table is a computerized technology that allows the table to create negative pressure in the spine.

A patient will be secured with a harness while lying face up on the table, and the computer sensors read how the muscles react to the components of the table being stretched apart. If the patient's muscles resist, the table reacts by reducing the poundage of the pull. Then, once the sensors detect the muscles have relaxed, the pull starts again.

The negative pressure created when the spine is stretched in this way allows for disc material to be repositioned, which can ultimately result in much-needed pain relief.

Things to Consider When Buying a Decompression Table

If you are looking to purchase a decompression table for your chiropractic clinic, your decision-making process can be narrowed down into three main areas of consideration.

Your Budget

A real bells and whistles table is going to cost upwards of $10,000, so these are not insignificant investments. The amount of money you have for a decompression table may be limited by an overall budget to start up a new clinic where lots of other equipment is needed. You may decide to put a decompression table in a five-year plan, for example, if you opt to start with other chiropractic treatments first.

Regardless of when you plan to purchase the table, bear in mind the significance of a table that is durably and reliably constructed: skimping on features for a cheaper price may not serve you well in the long run.

Your Space

A decompression table takes up a fair amount of space, so if you are building out a new clinic, be sure you have measured numerous times and also taken into account the provider's need to work around the table and patient. Be sure the room in which a decompression table will be located has ample space and the appropriate power outlets.

Your Commitment to Patient Satisfaction

Offering nonsurgical spinal decompression to your patients may be a priority for you in terms of your ability to effectively help patients manage pain. Spinal decompression may make your practice stand out to potential patients, especially those who have long suffered from back pain. It may be worth the investment in this equipment to grow your business and attract new patients.

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