What Equipment is Required to Open a Spa?

Sep 2nd 2021

Essential Spa Furniture

Spa furniture includes more than just the chairs and tables necessary for administering the various treatments you plan to offer. It also includes cabinets and shelving for storage of supplies, reception area desk and seating, and any other stools, basins, or ottomans to help your business thrive.

A salon that offers skin treatments or manicures and pedicures will require certain types of seating and tables while a spa that provides massages, detoxification, and reflexology will need other forms of furniture.

Spa Tables

When it comes to purchasing equipment for spa services, you're going to start with treatment tables. There are a variety of tables from which to choose, each intended for a specific purpose. They can also run the gamut in pricing, so you'll want to ensure that you're only buying the type of tables you really need for your spa business.

These are some of the most common types of spa tables you might want to consider:

  • Universal Spa Table – Available in a variety of models, these tables offer full or partial electric functionality including adjustable height and adjustable top capabilities. Seated, reclining, and flat positions are possible with these types of tables.
  • Massage Table – Be cognizant of the dimensions of the tables you purchase to ensure you have enough space in the rooms where they will reside. Choice of material is also important when buying the tables that are best for your spa. Wood and aluminum are the most popular. Foam density is also a critical component for purchasing the right massage table.
  • Esthetician Table – This type of table allows your technician a greater ability for conducting treatments that require a delicate and precise touch. Choice of material is also important when buying the tables that are best for your spa. Wood and aluminum are the most popular. Foam density is also a critical component for purchasing the right massage table.
  • Wet Table – If you plan to offer hydrotherapy services, these tables come equipped with water jets to give clients a full-service treatment for head and body.

The pricing of these tables can vary greatly with the costs rising in accordance with the increased functionality and features available. We offer a wide selection of tables to fit any type of spa or salon and budget.

Spa Chairs

Many of the tables listed above can be converted into chairs. But if your spa or salon is planning to offer pedicures or cosmetic services, you will need to have a chair designed specifically for administering such treatments. For instance, there are definite sets of criteria that pedicure chairs must meet or exceed in order to operate your business in compliance with state and local standards. These may include certain plumbing considerations, drain quality and access, and availability of a working basin.

Depending on the types of services you wish to provide your clientele, your choice of chair can be a multipurpose option or something designed specifically for a certain service or treatment. The pricing of these chairs can range in cost based on these factors. The more additional features you want, the more expensive the chair.

Necessary Supplies and Tools

You've got the furniture in place, now turn your attention to the utensils you'll rely upon for administering the treatments you plan to offer. These supplies and implements are part of the very foundation of your business, without them, you can't do much.. .

If your spa offers a a list of massage services, your technicians will need to have the basics such as oils, lotions, face pillow covers, protective table covers, and sanitizers. A hair salon will need shampoo, conditioner, and of course, combs, scissors, razors, and Barbicide cleanser.

No matter what you services you plan to offer, you can be sure you'll need linens. Towels, robes, washcloths, and the like. These are the types of basics that every spa is going to use on a daily basis. The same thing goes for gloves and masks, items your technicians might be expected to wear during certain types of treatments.

But while you may know what the basics might be for conducting the services of your particular spa or salon, you should also concentrate on bringing in a variety of products that you can sell to your clients as they are leaving your place of business.

The products for sale should reflect the services you offer and fall in line with the popularity of certain brands with the general public. This may require some research into what's hot and what's not with respect to the types of products and brand names that are selling best with the customers in your area. Your ability to provide the consumer with the products he or she want most will prove beneficial to the business in the long run.

Spa Equipment

There are many types of services that you will possibly offer at your spa. So you're going to need all of the corresponding equipment necessary for providing those services. If your spa is going to offer tanning services, you will need to have tanning beds or spray-tan booths available.