What Spa Equipment Brands are Reliable?

Mar 26th 2020

What Spa Equipment Brands are Reliable?

Buying spa equipment for your salon or spa can be a big purchase. You’re not only paying hard-earned money for the products, but you want to make sure everything will last and work the way it’s supposed to. Regardless of the specialty services your spa or salon offers, there are two spa equipment staples you’ll want to have on hand: Quality exam chairs and spa disposables. Every aesthetician needs somewhere for their clients to lay while they perform the treatment, so having the quality spa disposables will help keep things sanitary and clean. Some spas and salons might also offer microdermabrasion treatments. If so, you’ll want to make sure you pick the most established, trusty piece of spa equipment possible.

What To Look for in Reliable Spa Equipment

Before you make a purchase of what you think is reliable spa equipment, it helps to know exactly what makes a product reliable. It comes down to durability, functionality, and appearance.

Durable Spa Equipment

Can your exam chair handle clients of all sizes? Or will they start to break after only a few months of use? The durability of all your spa equipment needs to be long-lasting. The massage bed and microdermabrasion machine you’ll use needs to have grit to hold up power during those long days of back-to-back treatments.


Rotating exam chair at a full 180 degrees or more during a facial treatment to lowering or raising the bed for acupuncture, functionality is key. Because how reliable is spa equipment if it can’t perform what you need? And as a business owner, those needs change. Dependable Spa tools at your spa or salon need to be able to adapt to your Spa service offerings.


Look elegant, but work tough - That’s how your reliable spa equipment should be when it comes to appearance. You might think the aesthetic appearance of your spa outfitting has nothing to do with reliability, but think again. Clients will judge your level of expertise on more than just how well you administer cellulite therapy. They’ll also form opinions on how talented your work is based on how things look. So you want to be sure the design of your spa equipment can consistently impress clients.

What are the Most Reliable Spa Equipment Brands?

Now that you know the key features that make spa equipment dependable, you can search for the best brands. Here’s a great place to start:

Image Derm

Image Derm microdermabrasion machines are a must-have for reliable spa equipment. With Delrin turbo tips for crystal treatments, stainless steel handpieces, and vacuum control, this whisper-quiet powerhouse puts premium service and dependability into your hands.

Why We Love It

Microdermabrasion spa equipment from Image Derm is the entire package. No corners are cut with their sleek design and functionality. From the hydra mist sprayer to the fiber optic cables for red and blue light therapy and the 5 pounds of aluminum oxide crystals, this facial tool has everything you need. The icing on the cake? This FDA approved product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Spa Source

Exam chairs are the bread and butter of your business. They are the single piece of spa equipment that clients will spend their time getting to know. Because keep in mind, they will be laying on those exam beds more than anywhere else at your spa. Whether a client is receiving only a few minutes of botox treatments or much longer treatment for laser hair removal, you want them to get comfy.

A few of our featured favorites for reliable exam chairs are:

Kalum Medi Exam Chair

Looking for a reliable chair for long-duration treatments? This is the one for you. With a wide, extendable headrest and built-in foot pedals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better.

Why We Love It

Built like a tank, this exam chair is the definition of stable and durable.

Pedali Exam Chair

The Pedali exam chair can lay perfectly flat, making it a great choice for all types of treatments.

Why We Love It

Functionality is the name of the game for Pedali. The bed can be lowered very close to the floor and can rotate 270 degrees.

Kalum Facial Bed Exam Chair

Similar to the Pedali, the Kalum Facial Bed is a piece of spa equipment you can always count on.

Why We Love It

Looking for the perfect exam chair for tight spaces? The Kalum Facial Bed is all about adjustability. It includes a removable and extendable headrest and footrest and column lift.

Check out more of the Spa Source reliable exam chairs here.

Check Out Now

Sena Disposables

Fitted bedsheets and face cradle covers aren’t the most exciting piece of spa equipment, but they are necessary to keep things sanitary. And because disposables don’t get second chances, you want to make sure the product is doing precisely what you expect the first time around.

Why We Love It

With Sena Disposables, you know exactly what you are getting. The materials used for bed covers and other items are soft, thick and durable. Clients feel like they are at a spa when they get on the exam chair, not a crinkling medical table.

Get the Best Spa Equipment with Spa Source

With the best spa equipment from Spa Source, you can work confidently knowing your customers are feeling right at home and getting exactly what they want: Premium care, comfort, and relaxation. We have been in the business of helping medical spas and salons grow and succeed since 2005. We understand the importance of providing you with high-quality products such as exam chairs and spa equipment related to the beauty, wellness and healthcare industries.

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