What Spa Equipment is Needed for a Facial Room Setup?

Mar 24th 2020

What Spa Equipment is Needed for a Facial Room Setup?

Are you considering offering facial services at your spa? If so, you aren’t alone. Facials are a popular service choice for spas and salons. That’s why as an aesthetician, it’s important to offer your services with the highest quality spa equipment possible. And that includes knowing what type of facial equipment you’ll need.

Facials are a type of skin care treatment for the face. Facial services can include steam, facial masks, peels, exfoliation, and massage.

Facial Treatments help clients to:

  • Have clear, clean skin
  • Feel rejuvenation
  • Relax and feel at ease

That last point about facials is one of the most important - Customers get facials to feel relaxed after a long week. That means the quality spa equipment that you utilize needs to also help clients feel at ease.

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Before you decide which specific spa equipment you need for your facial room, keep these points in mind: The best spa equipment for a facial room setup is quiet, modern and high-quality.

Quiet + Modern Spa Equipment

When people think of a spa, they think of a serene, peaceful environment. That relaxing vibe starts with your spa equipment. When you purchase whisper-quiet exam chairs and facial tools, customers won’t even hear the machines being used for their facial treatment. What they will be able to do is fully rest while getting their skin brightened and pores cleaned, which is the entire point.

High-Quality Spa Equipment

Your spa equipment needs to be top of the line. Everything from facial exam chairs to microdermabrasion machines and facial tools should operate at a high-quality level. Stools, facial beds and facial equipment that lasts and works seamlessly is the only way to offer premium service.

Modern Spa Equipment

Outdated exam chairs and facial rooms will make anyone cringe. Sleek, modern designs can go a very long way with letting your clients know you have a professional, respectable spa. Facial equipment doesn’t have to be brand new, but it does need to look like you just took it out of its packaging. And that is where having a facial room with a modern flair can help.

So, which specific spa equipment do you need for facials?

Facial Exam Chairs

The most important piece of spa equipment for facials? The exam chairs. Your clients will be spending practically every moment of their appointment in that chair. All the more reason to make sure your exam chairs are comfortable and durable. Whether they are getting a steam facial or chemical peel, the expectations are the same - Clients want to relax and melt away into the facial bed. A loud, clunky exam chair will completely disrupt the soothing environment.

Choosing a facial bed that is comfortable, quiet and easily adjustable will go a long way for your spa business.

Crystal Diamond Microdermabrasion Tools

Medical grade and aesthetician grade microdermabrasion tools are a go-to for facial spa equipment. Look for equipment that is powerful, reliable and durable to promote collagen growth and leave your client feeling fully rejuvenated with a glowing appearance.

Spa Stools and Aesthetician Chairs

While not necessarily the first thing you think of when creating your facial room, a stool or chair is important spa equipment. Think about it - you’ll be sitting on that stool for potentially hours at a time, depending on the facial treatment. That means you’ll need a provider stool or chair that is comfortable, has good back support, and can be easily adjusted.

SPA Trolley Cart

Have everything you need right at your fingertips with a SPA trolley or Facial cart in your facial room. It’s also an easy way to make sure your space is fully stocked with facial supplies and other spa equipment needed for treatment.

Facial Magnifier Lamps

To offer your clients the best possible facial treatment, you need to be able to see what you are doing. Spa Magnifier lamps should have adjustable lighting and provide a clear magnifying view. Some also come with wheels, which helps you quickly move the lamp around the facial table during treatment.

Facial Towel Warmer

There’s nothing quite like the soothing feeling of getting a fresh, warm towel placed over your face during a facial treatment. A towel warmer might not stand out to you as a must-have spa equipment item, but it’s little details like this that really go a long way with clients. If you do decide to outfit your facial room with a durable spa towel warmer, you’ll want to select one that can maintain a warm temperature throughout the day and that can hold enough towels for a full day of treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me decide which exam chairs are best for my spa or salon?

Yes, having been in the medical spa and salon industry for almost two decades, at Spa Source, we know exactly what spa practitioners need to provide top-quality facial care to customers. When you contact us with questions, we can help you decide which examination table and facial bed will work best for your specific needs.

How are the facial exam chairs and other spa equipment items offered at Spa Source different from competitors?

The spa equipment we offer at Spa Source is considered the absolute best in the industry and raises the bar for all other products on the market. You don’t need to ever worry about the quality of the equipment. There is value in getting to focus your attention on your facial treatments and services rather than spending your time questioning past purchases.

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With the best spa equipment from Spa Source, you can work confidently knowing your customers are feeling right at home and getting exactly what they want: Premium care, comfort, and relaxation. We have been in the business of helping medical spas and salons grow and succeed since 2005. We understand the importance of providing you with high-quality products such as exam chairs and spa equipment related to the beauty, wellness and healthcare industries.

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