SPA SOURCE - 2 in 1 High Frequency Plus Galvanic Facial Machine

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1 Year


Spa Source 2 in 1 High Frequency Plus Galvanic Facial Machine

This Facial Machine offers two of the most popular facial treatment tools in one affordable, space-saving package. Your clients are sure to love the combination of High Frequency and Galvanic.

High Frequency - High Frequency instrument is to speed up the circulation of the blood, stimulate glandular activity, remove bacteria and ease the penetration of cosmetic products. It uses high frequency to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface and aid in product penetration. Includes base unit, high frequency handle, acne electrode, spoon electrode, mushroom electrode, and indirect electrode.

The instrument transmits high frequency current that can benefit the skin in many ways:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Produces heat inside the body tissues
  • Stimulates glandular activity
  • Increases the circulation of blood
  • Aids in elimination and absorption
  • Penetrates products more deeply into the skin
  • Creates germicidal action – During the direct method, the electrical current generates ozone, which has germicidal properties, helping kill bacteria on the skin.

Galvanic – Its' primary uses are to introduce water-soluble materials into the skin and disincrustation. The galvanic unit takes the alternating current it receives from an electrical outlet and converts it into a direct current (the electrons flow continuously in one direction only) that has been modified to a safe level. The current creates chemical changes as it passes through the tissues of the body.


Length: 15"

Width: 12.6"

Height: 6.5"

14.3 lbs

60 Hz

20 Watts

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