Why Do Chiropractic Tables Drop

Why Do Chiropractic Tables Drop

Feb 7th 2024

In the earliest days of chiropractic medicine, patients would lie on a flat wooden table for an adjustment. It could hardly be described as comfortable, and maneuvers were also limited to what could be accomplished in this rigid environment.

Today's chiropractic tables are a far cry from those basic early ones, and the bells and whistles we see today provide better (and safer) adjustments as well as greater overall comfort.

When looking at these well-crafted tables, you may have a specific question in mind: why do chiropractic tables drop? Read on to learn why this is the most important innovation in chiropractic tables and how it changed patient care for the better.

Chiropractic Drop Tables: How They Work

Today's chiropractic tables feature specific drop segments, enabling the provider to perform targeted and specific adjustments based on the individual patient's needs.

The sections themselves rest against each other so that the patient may still lie flat on the table, but they can then be maneuvered in such a way that different target areas are addressed. A drop table may also be raised to various angles in order to create movement in spinal fluid.

The divided sections will correspond with a patient's neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvic region. The force of the drop allows a chiropractor to make an effective adjustment without relying solely on his own body. Thanks to this innovation, chiropractors themselves are at a reduced risk of strain or injury since theirs is an extremely demanding physical job.

The drop itself can be a little startling at first, and you may hear a loud noise from the equipment, but that is not a cause for alarm. In time, patients become used to the procedure and find it more comfortable than manual-only adjustments.

While the patient is lying face down on the drop table, a chiropractor will take a look specifically at how the legs are lining up for clues about what may be going on with the spine. This will be reviewed before and after adjustments, and a treatment plan using a drop table will vary based on a patient's needs and the severity of her back pain.

Drop tables can be incredibly effective, but they are not necessarily an overnight fix. For some patients, it may take months of adjustments to see steady improvement and diminished pain.

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